Pearl & Materials Guide


Creations source their South Sea pearls from Autore Pearls. They are known around the world for their stunning and lustrous pearls.


The surface of a pearl is essentially its skin. Because South Sea pearls have layers of lustrous nacre built up over time, a flawless surface is extremely rare. As pearls are a gift of nature from a living mollusc, the most beautiful and valuable pearls may still have slight imperfections which appear in the form of small blemishes. These naturally bestowed ‘beauty marks’ characterise each pearl as an individual creation.


Freshwater pearls are predominantly found in lakes and rivers in China. In more recent years, the quality of Freshwater pearls has drastically improved. This results in beautiful pearls that are cleaner, and more lustrous. Due to their production process, freshwater pearls can be popular for their affordable price points. Creations goes to great lengths to source high quality and unique Freshwater pearls, both in baroque and round shapes.




The platinum which we use at Creations is minimum 95% pure.


Due to its purity, platinum is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish. It’s whiteness and hardness is not only retained through wear, but increases throughout the years that it is worn.


Platinum in it’s pure form is one of the heaviest metals in the world, weighing approximately 60% more than gold. It also has approximately three times the lifespan of white gold.


Like any precious metals platinum can scratch, however platinum claws, bezels and bands have remarkable strength and durability and there is usually no metal lost when it is worn. It is the perfect metal for jewellery worn on a daily basis, or for pieces that will be handed down through generations.


Another advantage that platinum offers is that unlike any other metal, it can be fused without the use of solder. The end result being a stronger and more durable piece of jewellery.


For the jeweller, platinum is a more difficult metal to work in than gold. It requires high temperatures for melting and a scrupulously clean working enviroment. It takes careful technique to achieve the highly reflective polish that will show a diamond or gem at it’s very best.  



Palladium is a metal that is found with platinum ores and is chemically similar to platinum.


It is a silvery-white metal that is hypoallergenic, strong and durable.It does not require any rhodium plating to maintain it’s colour.


The palladium that we use at Creations is a minimum 95% pure which is more difficult to produce. It is harder and whiter than other palladium alloys on the market.  




18ct white gold is composed of 75% pure gold and is alloyed with other white metals. To make it appear whiter, the white gold is rhodium plated. Over time, the rhodium plating will wear off and the slightly yellowish ‘true’ white gold colour will appear. The rhodium, however, can be reapplied (usually annually) to maintain the ring’s white appearance.


If 18ct white gold is the choice of metal for you, rest-assured that the white gold used at Creations is of the highest quality. It’s main alloy is palladium which adds to it’s whiteness and durability. We rhodium plate all of our white gold jewellery.



18ct yellow gold has been the metal of choice for many centuries. It is favoured for its rich and warm qualities and its properties allow it to be fashioned with a variety of textures and patinas.


18ct yellow gold is a beautiful metal to combine with platinum or palladium for an everlasting contrast. It does not require any maintanience other than a regular clean and polish.




The diamonds sourced by Creations are all graded within the higher end of colour, clarity, and most importantly…cut!


Proportions, symmetry and polish are by far the most important characteristic of any diamond. Each diamond at Creations is individually selected by our team of diamond graders and gemmologists.


We guarantee that all diamonds purchased at Creations are conflict free and are purchased under the Kimberly Process.


As members of the Diamond Guild of Australia, Creations have a reputation for integrity and ethical trade, both within the industry and in the public domain.




Pearls are an organic gemstone and require special care to ensure their longevity. Simple cleaning and storage will ensure that your pearls keep their lustrous beauty for years to come.


A few points to remember:

  • You should avoid having your pearls come in to contact with perfume, hairspray, cosmetics and chemicals.
  • Protect your jewellery from moisture and steam. Don’t wear pearls while swimming, showering and sleeping.
  • Store pearl jewellery separately to avoid other jewellery pieces scratching the delicate pearl.
  • Our pearl wraps are strung onto neoprene rubber which lasts much longer than leather, however it does need to be replaced every 1-2years depending on wear. The neoprene can swell if exposed to moisture regularly.
  • Our pearl strands are strung on durable silk thread with a knot in between each pearl for security. In order to maintain a lusturous pearl, Creations recommend to restring pearls annually.




Creations advises the use of a specialized silver polishing cloth or ‘dip’ to maintain your sterling silver jewellery. Silver jewellery should be cleaned prior to storage and stored away from natural sunlight and heat, in a protective (lined) jewellery box, a tarnish-resistant pouch, or small zip lock bag.



Creations gemstone jewellery can becleaned in warm soapy water or in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner (NB pearls, opals and emeralds should not be cleaned in this manner) then dried with a soft cloth. We offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning in house if you really want your gemstones to sparkle!



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