Pearl Wrap


South Sea Pearls and Neoprene Rubber Necklace

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This stunning South Sea Pearl Wrap is must have for any jewellery collection.


Effortless elegance that can be worn from day to night. Durable Neoprene rubber suspends 14 South Sea Pearls (each pearl 11-15 mm in size) around the neck with a sterling silver bayonet clasp.


The wrap measures a total of 109 cm in length and can be worn either long, or doubled up to create a completely different look. A simple stretch of the neoprene allows the pearls to be easily moved and placed where you want them around the neck – adding extra versatility.


The item shown is the actual item for purchase.


Note: As pearls are a product of nature they can have marks and blemishes on their surface which occur naturally whilst they are growing within the mussel. Whilst we have done our best to disclose all of the pearl’s shape and blemishes, it is often difficult to photograph them accurately.

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