30 Jan, 2024

2023 Diamond Guild Australia Awards

The Diamond Guild Jewellery Design Awards were held at The Langham, Gold Coast.

Creations were fortunate to have two pieces in the final’s selections, but unfortunately a win wasn’t to be.

As well as being members of the Diamond Guild Australia, our very own Natalie is the Chairperson. Here are some pictures of the glamorous awards night, our entries, and an excerpt of Natalie’s speech from the evening.


A one of a kind creation hand crafted in fully recycled 18ct gold, platinum, diamonds and enamel. This multi-layered leaf and wing style ring is an abstract depiction of the natural process of a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon, known as eclosion.

Made up of rose gold and enamel wing components, held together by a gold leaf like structure.

The multicolour natural diamonds are the hero element that bring the piece to life, made up of rare pink, yellow, champagne and white diamonds.

The proportions of this wearable piece of art have been scaled to sit comfortably on the finger, whilst still making a statement.


Inspired by Creations’ Lagoon collection, this diamond ring is designed to be worn and enjoyed for everyday wear. The golden layered design is accented by pave set diamonds, a satin bead blast and a polished finish.

This combination features the unsung hero of fancy cut diamonds, the marquise. The marquise diamond floats down the golden lagoon with glistening diamonds at its shore, to be enjoyed and endured for all the life it brings day to day.

Natalie's speech

Fifteen years ago, Australia's foremost jewellers, bound by integrity within the Australian jewellery industry, a deep love for diamonds, and a passion for crafting exquisitely designed, high-quality pieces, formed an alliance...

The Diamond Guild Australia.

The Guild today has grown to represent an association of industry leaders, combined to establishing and preserving a benchmark for quality and ethics in the promotion, and sales, of diamonds throughout Australia.

In its 15th Anniversary year, the Awards aim to promote and encourage excellence, innovation, and inspiration within the Australian Jewellery trade for the benefit of the entire industry as well as the jewellery consumer.

Our Guild members would like to welcome and thank ALL the entrants that have submitted innovative, beautiful, and creative jewellery into our completion.
We all understand and appreciate the many hours spent on the bench, perfecting design, forms and finishes for your entry pieces.

YOU are the reason we are all here tonight.
The judges assure me... it was no easy feat to be selected amongst the entries as finalists. The calibre of the jewellery design and workmanship was the best that Australia has to offer

In the face of global challenges, our Australian natural diamond market stands resilient.
We must acknowledge that we're not untouched by the misinformation spread by mass market jewellers regarding the supposed ethics and financial viability of lab-grown diamonds. It's crucial to understand: this narrative does not hold true!"

The Diamond Guild must stand strong...firm and loud within the industry, Celebrating the rarity and beauty of natural diamonds that have true value...and pass our wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion onto our clientele and the broader jewellery industry.

All of us in this room know that natural diamonds are born from extraordinary conditions deep within the Earth, where immense heat and pressure conspire to transform carbon atoms into something truly magnificent. It's a process that takes millions of years, a testament to the patience and power of nature.

So let’s celebrate them joyously tonight.... let’s celebrate our incredible Australian jewellery industry.... our magnificent designers, and highly skilled jewellers tonight at the 2023 Diamond Guild Awards.