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Our story

We are a second generation family owned business that has a passion for jewellery, design and craftsmanship. For over 25 years, we have cultured a modern approach to jewellery, one that is timeless in design, and distinctly Creations.

Our talented team of award-winning designers, gemmologists and jewellers are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, knowledge and design concepts and will assist you in selecting from our or extensive designs, or to make your very own Creation to pass down for generations to come.

We have a talented team of designers, gemmologists, diamond graders and experienced jewellers ready to help you select or design your Creation.

Our Executives



Natalie has been a founding member of the Creations family for over 25 years. With Gemmology, diamond grading and a passion for all things Creations. Natalie is the chairperson of the Diamond Guild of Australia.

She will never say “no” to a beautiful piece of art to add to her collection. Mum of Ruby (the shop Poodle), sister of Ben.


Ben’s magic lies within the Creations workshop. Master of design, a brilliant craftsman, and award-winning jeweller for over 20 years.

Ben spends his spare time turning his creativity to bonsai and aqua scaping. Husband to Kate, brother of Natalie.



Kate always wears her Creations with a flair. A gemologist with a former life in fashion, Kate has a strong sense of design and creativity.

When she’s not creating, she’s wowing us all with her food combos and snack suggestions. Wife to Ben.

  • Libby - Sales

  • Liv - Sales

  • Amelia - Sales

  • Ruby - Concierge

  • Bec - Jeweller

  • Rowan H - Jeweller

  • Rowan T - Jeweller

  • Imogen - Assistant

  • Spencer - Gemmologist


Creations’ team of talented designers and jewellers have won several prestigious national and international jewellery awards.

Listed in reverse chronological order

2023 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Design Award Fancy Colour category - Finalist

2023 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Design Award Everyday Diamonds - Finalist

2018 Jewellery Design Awards Australia Diamond ring over $5000 category - Winner

2018 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Design Awards Solitaire category - Winner

2018 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Design Award Coloured Diamonds category - Winner

2017 Jewellery Design Awards Australia Coloured Gemstones category - Winner

2015 Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Championship Jeweller category - Winner

2015 Diamond Guild of Australia Jewellery Design Award - Finalist

2014 JAA Diamond Jewellery awards Diamond category - Winner

2012 JAA Diamond Jewellery Awards Diamond category - Winner

2010 JAA Diamond Jewellery Awards Platinum and Pearl category - Finalist

2009 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Design Award - Finalist

2008 JAA Diamond Jewellery Award Diamond Platinum category - Finalist

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Modern Heirlooms.

Committed to crafting the perfect modern heirloom, a timeless piece to resonate with future generations. Our creations are fuelled by a passionate drive to ensure longevity and style.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, blending traditional techniques with a contemporary flair. We specialize in transforming old heirlooms into fresh, modern treasures, bridging the past with the present.



Our team of award-winning designers, gemmologists and jewellers offer a range of specialised services.